LoveBooks: First post – Get to know me

Hello, world!

This is my first blog post and its going to be a bit about me and why I love books so much!

About me:

My name is Anthony,  I’m 11, you may know me as ‘The Kid’ on Twitter. I spend my life on Twitter (virtually). When I’m not on Twitter, I’ve got my nose stuck in a book.

The first book I read was Mr. Stink by David Walliams.


It was about this man who stunk (is that correct English?) and he was homeless and he always sat on this bench and a girl named Chloe felt sorry for him and was very kind to him and she went from offering him a fiver to letting him stay in her garden shed (without permission from her mother). Her mother, Mrs. Crumb, was standing up to be local MP.

It had a very happy ending and I would highly recommend you read it. You might have already read it, if you have, I would love to know what you thought of it so please comment below your review or email me at

On this blog, I am going to be reviewing books regularly, recommending books et cetera.

I hope you enjoyed reading this short first blog post.

The second will be a review on the current book I’m reading (which I want to leave a surprise).

In the meantime, you can ‘comment’ below questions for me, I am happy to answer.

And you can check out my Twitter page

Bye for now and thanks for reading