LoveBooks: Alice Miranda at school review


Hello, world!

For the second time…

I hope you liked my first post, which I think you did, as I did get a lot of GOOD feedback regarding that post. A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who commented and emailed me in the past few days, I really love the fact I made this blog a few days ago and I got lots of feedback to it.

The second post is going to be about Alice Miranda at School by Jacqueline Harvey.alice miranda at school

This is the 3rd time I’ve read this book, I love all Alice Miranda and Jacqueline Harvey books. It is about a 7-year old girl called Alice Miranda Highton-Smith Kennington-Jones. Long name!!

She has been sent to this new boarding school, Winchesterfield Downsfordvale. When she arrives at the school, she finds out the headmistress, Miss Ophelia Grimm, hasn’t been seen by any pupil at the school for 10 YEARS!!!!

Alice-Miranda finds this odd and goes to Miss Grimm and tries to encourage her to become more social!

I don’t want to say anything more as I don’t want to make any spoilers!

If you would like to buy this book from Amazon here is the link

I would very much encourage you to read this book!

Third post coming soon.

Please comment your thoughts and questions below, I will answer as many as possible!

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